Eve of Search of Chametz

Courtesy of Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin at Chabad.org

By the Grace of G-d
Eve of Search of Chametz

Dear Friend,

Like their fellow Jews across the globe, my teammates at Chabad.org are right now scrubbing their stoves, mopping their floors, disposing or sealing off their chametz (leavened items), koshering their dishes and grinding their maror (bitter herbs), among a myriad of other Pesach (Passover) preparations.  

However, they are also summoned repeatedly to their computers, to respond to questions from around the world:

"I'm stuck in Ghana. What can I do about a seder?!"

"Why can't we eat bread on Passover??"

"Where can I buy Gefilte fish for my grandmother in Wyoming?"

"I'm alone without family or a seder in Miami..."

"Can I kosher my coffee machine for Passover?"

"Do you think it is okay to bring my non-religious friend to the seder at Chabad?"


"What is the significance of discussing the plagues at the seder?"

"Am I allowed to take my blood pressure medicine during the Passover holiday if it's not Kosher for Passover?"

"What kind of pet food can my cat eat during Passover?"