Christmas Tabletop Tips - Part 2

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®

Favorite under-the-radar Christmas tabletop decor begins with "what you already own".

I know, it's tempting to go out and hit the holiday sales, but I bet you have the makings of an outside the box super tabletop hiding among the items you already have stashed away.

Lydie Stassart, our newest Tastemaker in Residence, shares her over the top Christmas table designs. This Belgium born Minnesotans' design skills and general flair for life with a splash of fun, sets a dreamy table.

Barb Hamilton-Sustad has a super-stash! She finds them in common and not so common stores. Here are a few of her Christmas party favorites. For more tips from Barb, check out Simple Elegant Entertaining.

My table for two included green mums that were truly half dead. Good news, they were surrounded by small Christmas balls and feathers that disguised their distress. I owned everything but the greens and the soon to be dead mums.

For floral design recipe/instructions for these arrangements, see Christmas Floral Tips.

Much more to come on decorating your Christmas table!