Personalized Family Trees for Grandparent's Day

by Desi Creswell, Tastemaker in Residence

Grandparents hold a very special place in many people’s hearts. They may spoil, play a parental role, be the reason parents can leave the house (alone!), or fill one of many other roles.  Let the grandparents in your life know how treasured they are by celebrating Grandparent’s Day this September 7th.
I recently came across some beautiful, personalized family trees. They would make such great gifts for the occasion!

Eva Juliet – Laurel Family Tree

The Laurel Family Tree by Eva Juliet is a handmade botanical piece that accommodates four generations. Eva Juliet’s Etsy store features many designs – it was hard to choose just one to showcase!

My Branches – Ancestry Trees


For a large family, My Branches accommodates up to 30 branches – and you can even put more than one name on each branch. Available in 27 colors and three sizes.

Stem and Leaf– Family Tree Rings


The Family Tree Rings from Stem and Leaf are a less traditional, more modern take on the family tree. This would be a great addition to a gallery wall.

After the gift is presented is an opportune time to ask for details and family tales. Reminiscing about the good times – and even the hard times - can offer a more complete picture of your family’s history. With so many fascinating, and often unexpected, twists to life you want to gather this information before the record keepers have passed. These are stories that you will treasure for years to come and pass on to future generations. 

Need some help with framing these works of family art? Check out my recent post on Mitrebox Framing, located in Minneapolis, MN.