Wedding Day Photo Choices

by Heather Durenberger, Tastemaker in Residence

One of the best gifts my wedding photographer gave me was encouraging me to think intentionally about what memories I wanted to capture on my wedding day.  Friends shared that the day flies by so fast I would be lucky if I remembered the “I Dos.”  My wedding photographer was my business photographer, so we knew each other well.  Dear Dan kept reminding me to make a list of the photos I wanted, so he would be sure to capture them.  

As I thought about my big day, I kept coming back to the excitement, nerves, anticipation that I would be feeling moments before I walked down the aisle.  I asked Dan if he could help me capture that moment just before the ceremony, with my fiancé.  Could he capture the moment without the bride and groom seeing each other?  He was so clever. His suggestion staging us on opposite sides of the door, then I reached out my left hand from the brides room at the church and grasp David’s left hand. I love the look on our faces, so excited, so in love and so ready to be husband and wife.  After the ceremony Dan took another photo of us our left hands now sporting wedding rings.  Perfecto! 

Here is my favorite wedding photo that I keep by my desk that reminds me of the blessing of marriage.  How excited I was to find my soul mate and blessed I am to continue to be married to such a wonderful man. 

My brother and his fabulous fiancé loved our photo so much they made sure to have one taken at their wedding.  This pose is becoming a new family tradition.  Hopefully my children will take note and consider having a similar photo when they get married.

If you know a couple that is engaged, plant the seed with them to think about what photos they would like.  Share with them the value of capturing memories that will remind them for a lifetime of the amazing gift of their wedding day and their marriage.