Salute Our Veterans

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

My husband is a Veteran of Vietnam. Arguably one of the most controversial wars in our nation's history. Place your politics in a time machine and pretend you are face to face in combat with the sole purpose of defending our country. That's when your politics make absolutely no difference. The only thing our armed forces do is protect us, protect the man or woman standing next to them, and try to stay strong for their family members, even when they might not see them for a very long time. 

Nothing I have just said is a surprise to you, the reader. But what was a surprise to many of those soldiers from the past, is no one understood them when they came home from war. Take the time in the next few days and beyond, to ask them to tell you their story and listen with fresh ears. 

God Bless America and thanks to all our Veterans for defending the USA!