I am Really Closer than I Look

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

Scene setter - You’re getting dressed for a fancy holiday party; clothes and shoes have been tried on and pitched aside; the clock is ticking. That is when it happens, you hear those fateful words.

“Honey,"  we are going to be late. Personally, I want to say and on occasion when tactical plan A below fails, I do say, take your own car, I’ll meet you there.

But since the word “Honey” was involved, there probably aren’t elevated emotions, not yet anyway.

 So try this with a sweet and precious tonality, it has a proven track record. Well, it’s proven so long as this is not a daily interchange.  

“I am closer than I look”....followed by the favorite endearing name for your spouse.

In fact “closer than I look” could be used and then translated several ways.

I have my makeup and hair looking fab, just need to put some clothes on
I have pitched the last set of options and this is the perfect outfit
I have no makeup on, but I will apply it in the car, so long as I am not driving.
Worse cause scenario, if they have a sense of humor, they get it. Good luck.

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