Fall Inspiration

by Heather Durenberger, Tastemaker in Residence

As the leaves begin to change colors, it reminds me of all the beautiful colors and traditions of our world. The mostly green summer leaves with the arrival of fall become a kaleidoscope of colors – reds, yellows, orange begin to emerge. So to it is with us humans. Each of us is fully human but at the same time we are part of community and traditions that make us unique. Sharing how we are in community, how we spend time together, and how we are present with each other is our dream. Being in relationship with others is what feeds and sustains.


Our hope in this space at The Spirited Table® is we can celebrate being in relationship with each other and find inspiration and food for the journey. Finding beauty in our traditions, finding food for the soul and having gratitude for being part of something bigger than ourselves is what we hope to deliver to our readers. 

We would love to hear from you about traditions that inspire you and how you are part of a community. Capturing, sharing and celebrating how we are alike and how we are different in being together in community is a key.

Take a moment and comment below to share your fall traditions, be it in a school community, a faith community or a sporting community. Fall is rich with traditions and we look forward to sharing those traditions with you.