Daily nosh themes of the week include...

Thursday's Featured Recipes from Mimi & Vera Levin prep you for Thanksgiving with a twist....

Cornbread Stuffing Muffins with Apples & Bacon - Thai Coconut Sweet Potato - Bourbon Glazed Turkey.

November is National Alzheimers awareness month. Join the W3 Book Club celebration of Still Alice with a salute to this family story, by donating to the Alzheimers Association

Teri E. Popp's travel adventures for November take us to China. This week for Teri's China Adventure Part 2-The Starkey Foundation, we visit the Cities of Xi'an and Chengdu for cultural pageantry and an insider's view as The Starkey Foundation gives the gift of hearing to over 6,000 Chinese residents. Last week our first stop, was Teri's China Adventures Part 1-The Beauty of China revealed; The Great Wall, Panda Bears, Terra Cotta Warriors and more.

Jared Allen's passion for sacking quarterbacks is well documented; but Jared's love of hunting, fishing and cooking provide the perfect kick-off for the second half of football season. Baddas Men, Better Meat = Jared's childhood back-story. 

Eleni's Cookies launch me into the season of giving with Winter Fashion Cookies. Perfect for a birthday gift or party cookies for your fashionista friends and family!

Ardith Beveridge's Tuesday Tip = Before & After Frost Tips, makes our outdoor tables summer/fall transition to winter, much easier!

Till our next hullabaloo,

Happy tables to you!

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