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Today's Sunday Supper is Clam and Corn Chowder straight from New England's own Matthew Jennings, Chef at Townsman, Boston, MA. by way of tastingtable.com

Pumpkin patches are opening, but what do we do with these big orange balls of fun? The Spirited Table brings part 1 of the Pumpkin Parade, past and present. Stay tuned for more ideas; from floral recipe designs to the perfect pumpkin butter recipe and more in the week's ahead. 

  • Saturday's Snack is Popcorn Cake...that's not exactly cake. Kimberley Thompson takes us back to a favorite childhood memory and in the process provides a recipe for a perfect family activity. 
  • TGIF-Spirited Style from Becca Matheson Ortiz hails from H-Town Craft Brews in Texas. So visit your local craft breweries to kick-off Oktoberfest. 
  • Thursday's Featured Recipes from Shauna Niequist book Bread & Wine use the bounty of fall finished with a bit of sugar! Equites/Mexican Grilled Corn - Real Simple Cassoulet - Gaia Cookies.
  • Wednesday's Mid-Week Encouragement = Dance
  • Tuesday's Tip shares my favorite Floral Recipe for Wedding Gift success - Wedding Florals on the Sea Glass Rocks. These floral instructions can be used for any arrangement, gift, holiday; the ideas you'll come up with are as endless as your imagination. Have fun and report back here with your creations. 
  • Monday Mantra from Alycia Deihs reminds us to Say Thank-You for the good and the not so good; it just might change your attitude from the inside out. 

Ole' - from Tangiers, Morocco and Gibraltar! Teri E. Popp's love of travel and photography are our ticket to bespoke journeys, near and far. This time they include camel rides, Gibraltar apes and of course doors that beg you to ask, whose inside?

Neal Kielar readies us for Only 73 Shopping & Planning Days till Thanksgiving

September is Hispanic Heritage Month! Ardith Beveridge's Mexican Floral Design can be used for any Mexican dinner, celebration, piñata party or just to share a bowl of good guacamole! 

Zehorit Heilicher's Introspection: A New Year's Tradition, shines a bright, positive and uplifting light on The Ten Days of Repentance between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Basically we are made for goodness and we sometimes find it during this time of silence and marking the seasons with joy. 

Till our next hullabaloo,

Happy tables to you!

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