Happy Father's Day and US Open Weekend!

Sunday's Supper tip is straight from the pages of Sweet & Sour Chronicles by Katie Chin. Surprise Dad and do the grilling with this Beef Tenderizing Tip for Dad

Beef? Bugs! It's what for dinner, Mate! Christina Meyer-Jax cuts to the bone and marrow during her recent trip to Sydney, Australia by sharing a trend that's sweeping the continent. 

Summer Shots and we're talking with your Camera! Bridget Levin's tips will make it easy.

A Fathers' Ashes to Ashes story. A daughter steps into her future as a woman of strength. And the honored Ashes and a Coach handbag, shared the moment. Heather Durenberger shares some very deep truths about life and family. 

Lessons Learned from Dad is truly a window into travel treasures, stories and food passed on. Irina Vishnevskaya shares these life tips with us. 

It's A Man's Table Too and Neal Kielar's Father's Day gift ideas no matter his vintage provide a special toast to DAD! 

Laura Chin and her W3 Book Club (Wine, Women, Words) share their evening celebrating the Life of Pi on a boat. For more tips from the W3 Book Club and how to start your own check out W3 Book Club; The Back Story

Hershey + Dots + flowers + cake stand = Ardith Beveridge Party Cake for Birthday, Graduation or Anniversary celebrations. It's so easy and so fabulously fun. 

Eleni's once again proves that sugar wins over every graduate, regardless of age; try this great graduation gift idea. 

Daily Themes of the week include...

Till our next hullabaloo, 

Happy tables to you!

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