Bridget Levin reminds us to start using our porches and decks asap! It's her favorite Summer Destination Table & her tips for grilling and sipping are superb. 

You're invited to the wedding shower and you don't live in the same city. Choose an Eleni's wedding cookie and they'll ship them wherever you like. Taste and beauty in one package. 

A rousing applause to welcome back Mark Tronson, Tastemaker in Residence. Mark writes travel and wine stories that make me feel like I'm sharing a glass with him. Today's ...sometimes I just want to have a glass of wine is the story. 

The Minnesota Military Family Tribute is our Featured Charity. It's my great honor to share the vision of Bill and Teri Popp; read more about the dedication ceremony on June 13, 2015.  

Daily Themes of the week include...

Till our next hullabaloo, 

Happy tables to you!

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