by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

4th of July Weekend = FREEDOM

Thanks to Veterans + Men & Women currently serving 

God bless America! A phrase that for some has lost it's zing. Do a google search and you will find over 200 references to God splashed on the concrete, chiseled in stone and placed on the walls of the Supreme Court. Freedom gives us the right to worship as we choose. But it does not erase the Judeo-Christian values that this country was founded upon, or the one who blest. 

Sparklers, recipes, table settings and more light up our 4th of July tables. Here is a short cut for finding Patriotic ways to celebrate and dream big. 

  1. Patriotic celebrations over rivers, lakes, bridges, and downtown skylines remind us we can still enjoy cook outs and ice cream sandwiches.
  2. Quick & easy flowers for the 4th!
  3. Wrap up your 4th of July gift with a rolling pin
  4. Taste of red-white-blue provides a simple recipe for patriotic angel food cake with berries and Sangria.
  5. Everyone loves homemade ice cream and the stories that surround making it. 
  6. From table decor to patriotic parfaits, use it as a reason to spice up your table. 
  7. You can still head to the Mill City Market tomorrow for some post holiday treats like blueberry pie and Minnesota grown beef, chicken or lamb

Life is full or real and imagined boundaries. This week Boots to Roots re-kindles the desire to set boundaries that help us press into a lifestyle of healthy behaviors. 

Jared Allen's-THE QUARTERBACK KILLERS COOKBOOK is not only for men who hunt and fish, it's for Duck Luncheonette Sandwiches, Elk Jerky and Red Stag chops. All of which add some wild spice to your 4th of July table.  

Nosh of the Week is all about setting the 4th of July Table....more to come.

Even if you or the man in your life isn't handy, refurbishing and using wooden utensils, bowls and serving pieces, is really quite easy with this technique. Find these wooden treasures at MidModMen, one of Minnesota's award winning shops. 

If your lazy days of summer don't include a lot of "cooking," these quick and easy clean up summertime favorites make sitting on the beach, picnic bench, boat, or bike ride truly simple. 

Till our next hullabaloo, Happy Tables to You!