by Cindi Sutter, Founder & Editor of The Spirited Table®

We invite you to enjoy the experiences around our March 2014 table. We are happy to introduce the next generation of The Spirited Table®.

Thanks for being patient with our upgrades and construction. 

Our next act weaves the uncommon thread that gives the heirloom tradition and the newbie idea creative license to co-exist and re-create tomorrow’s experiences together.

Smile Backs provide a re-boot for Hospitality. What Host gifts are we raving about? It's A Man's Table Too! provides a masters class in creatively surprising the Host.

Health Foodie Heaven proves that "healthy" does not have to be a compromise. 

Birthday surprises are best when uniquely wrapped up for each birthday boy or girl; especially when you share the day with your twin.

Tired of winter and long naps? Tastemakers in Residence inspire us to dream of gardens, butterflies, holidays with a Queen at the center, travel stories and wedding trends.  

Our continuing theme of “Tables with a View” isn’t just about food, scenery, points of view, or decor. Your atmosphere can ignite your table. 

We want The Spirited Table® to be YOUR destination table. The stars in the room are the ideas that ignite a festival of tabletops that become YOUR personal signature and style; the place you call YOUR favorite destination table.

Share your stories. Let us know what you think about our new website layout.

Till our next hullabaloo, Happy Tables to You.