Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Welcome, take a seat around our March 2014 table.


Tables with a View = Favorite restaurants, experiences and family tables. 

There is more than one ingredient included in a great experience around the table. Our continuing theme of “Tables with a View” isn’t just about food, scenery, points of view, or decor. Three of our Tastemaker’s favorite tables = one transforms the table experience into an inspirational story where style meets substance; one stirs up a series of dream tables, from France to her grandmother’s farm; one reminds us that friends around our table, are the family we find along the way.

Spring will truly come, yes, even this year. Container gardening and raised bed gardens created and seen through the eyes of a mom and her 4 kids reveal a family sized farm to table experience. 

Facebook provides the perfect launch point for this future grandmother’s Virtual Baby Shower. Loaf is his nickname, (find out why), but games, gifts, sharing relationships and joy are his shower legacy. 

Tomorrow we launch a re-birth to what we believe is a cool and carefully curated new website layout. We hope it becomes a feast for not only your taste buds but a destination for tabletop experiences, photos, and inspiration.  

Till our next hullabaloo, happy tables to you!       

Cynthia SutterComment