by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

We invite you to enjoy the experiences around our March 2014 table. We are happy to introduce the next generation of The Spirited Table®.

Priorities in life can rarely be shared or experienced too often. Coach David's life proves why. 

Business or pleasure can pluck you from your home and move you across the country, but it usually ends up being a great thing, experienced around a table. 

We welcome a new Tastemaker in Residence, Desi Creswell; take a first look at the Hostess gift scene stealers and favorite discoveries she shares.

Blessings come in packages wrapped up with food and family at the end of a busy week. Friday nights can provide a toast to live long and prosper.

Nosh of the Week shares a family legacy while still going APE over Silverback Pale Ale!

Featured Recipes kick off cookbooks of the week with The Spoonriver Cookbook

The Camden Promise is our Featured Charity of the month and our cue to make nutritious food, happy kids, good jobs and safe, affordable homes a community priority. 

What Host gifts are we raving about? It's A Man's Table Too! provides a masters class in creatively surprising the Host.

Our photo of the day supports the idea that the table is our Spirited centerpiece; they do it with flair, fabrics, food and fun. Be dazzled with designer ideas

We want The Spirited Table® to be YOUR destination table. The stars in the room are the ideas that ignite a festival of tabletops that become YOUR personal signature and style; the place you call YOUR favorite destination table.

Share your stories. Let us know what you think about our new website layout.

Till our next hullabaloo, Happy Tables to You.