Marty Nopper

Marty Nopper (affectionately known as ‘Frank’ to his lovely wife, Jennifer), is a long-time beer guy. He grew up in Virginia Beach, VA., and has two grown daughters, Jessica and Morgan. Traveling the globe as a Navy brat (alright, it was just the Philippines) and getting that first gulp from dad’s beer at the age of 13 (yeah, right), he has been out of the country exactly twice. For purposes of this blog, that won't come into play but his often disappointing knowledge of barley pops will and remains firmly planted in the domestic fields of grain, often including drinking establishments where they are often less strict on the dress code and have no idea what IBU's are.
As a typical college kid at Radford University in Radford, VA., Marty had a passion for a couple things (alright, maybe 5). Biology and science were his first cerebral loves and correcting other peoples’ English was a close second. At the insistence of a good friend, he decided to combine these passions and express himself here (ok, insert joke). Spanning the country for his job while flying coach class enabled him to find the muse for his third passion: cold brewskis'. An astute simpleton, he will pretend to offer his ‘everyman’s taste’ of different watering holes, breweries and malted beverages. Hopefully, if you've got the time to waste, he'll entertain you, but you might end up asking, ‘how am I gonna get that 10 minutes back’? 
If this sounds like you, pull up a stool but always remember, enjoy responsibly!  Cheers!

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