Irina Vishnevskaya


Irina is a craft beer fanatic, traveling addict and a lover of real, fresh-from-the-earth food. She has been fortunate to zigzag the world for both work (though it’s hard to call it that when you work in the beer industry) and pleasure. As a proud globetrotter and a holder of multiple passports and more than one place to call home, one of Irina’s greatest passions is sharing her travel stories and helping other plan their getaways. And of course, she’s a staunch believer that the highlight of any trip is experiencing the local foods and lively street markets. You can read more about Irina’s travels, or even commission her to plan your upcoming trip at allé travels.

All you really need to know is that Irina’s favorite food is her mom’s crepes, the competition for her favorite spice is a close tie between cardamom and cumin, her beer of choice on most days in either an American Pale or a Saison, and the most beautiful sight she’s ever laid eyes on is the Himalayan mountains. 

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