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Jimmy Nardello Sweet Stuffed Pepper

Jimmy Nardello’s Italian Sweet Frying Peppers are an heirloom variety originally from the Basilicata region of southern Italy. Giuseppe Nardello and his wife brought them from Italy to Connecticut in 1887. These peppers are considered to be one of the best sweet frying peppers and have a light, fruity taste if eaten raw.

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The Thompson - Cocktail

Special thanks to Mission American Kitchen for sharing their restaurant and Mixologist, TJ. This is the third of TJ’s perfect summer time cocktails. Enjoy this step by step video, and you’ll have a patio favorite!

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Cry of Delores = Cinco de Mayo

Marty Nopper’s history of Cinco de Mayo and humor regarding all things, especially beer, kicks it up another notch! If you need to laugh and smile today, he’s your guy.

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