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Jimmy Nardello Sweet Stuffed Pepper

Jimmy Nardello’s Italian Sweet Frying Peppers are an heirloom variety originally from the Basilicata region of southern Italy. Giuseppe Nardello and his wife brought them from Italy to Connecticut in 1887. These peppers are considered to be one of the best sweet frying peppers and have a light, fruity taste if eaten raw.

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News from Loon Organics Farm + Fall Recipes

News from Laura Frerichs and the Loon Organics Farm includes their produce making a subtle shift towards fall with the last pick of watermelons, muskmelons and zucchini/summer squash this week. If you’re inclined to help out at the farm, Laura would love to have you join the end of year team!

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Fall Harvest - Farm to Table

Laura Frerichs and her Loon Organics team provide tips for preserving the bounty of the fall harvest while planning for Winter in Minnesota. Her favorite use of the fall applesauce is Martha Stewarts Applesauce Pancakes!

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