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July 4th Recipes, Hits, Stories and Celebrations

One of my favorite things to do around the table, is curating treasured recipes from the past and making them new again. Today I share my favorite July 4th celebration tips!

Happy 4th to you and the Veterans who have guarded our nation.

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4th of July Hit Parade

Happy 4th of July weekend! Time and again we celebrate the 4th; so today, let the spirited slice of Americana, provided by your favorite Tastemakers inspire you to remember that you/we are America the Beautiful. 

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Kimberley's Childhood 4th of July

Kimberley Thompson's childhood memories paint a 4th of July image that may or may not remind you of your own version of celebrating our freedom. My takeaway? Surround yourself with those I love, remember those who fought and died so that I may celebrate life and liberty and take a moment to read a story from the past. 

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