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Turkey Wild Rice Soup

Turkey and wild rice combine to make a hearty, flavorful soup. You can use leftover cooked turkey meat or buy a turkey breast or some thighs to make this soup. This soup could also be made with chicken.

by Brenda Langton from her Spoonriver Cookbook.

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Humulus Lupulus

Looking forward to a trip to the left coast highlighted my October schedule. My welcome gift of Russian River was sublime. You see, this is not your everyday beer. This is a pseudo unicorn. Hard to get, peeps! Let me spin you a little, gather round. by Marty Nopper.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Hummus

Check out my KARE 11 appearance recipe tips for "healthy" cookie dough? Registered Dietitian Christina Meyer-Jax shares a simple recipe that powers up the protein and fiber for a treat that is no longer a "guilty pleasure".

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The ultimate guide to visiting wineries in New Zealand

Irina Vishnevskaya and her team at allé custom travel provide The ultimate guide to visiting wineries in New Zealand + If you’re looking for even more wine: 4 New Zealand Wine Festivals Not to Miss.

WOW, Pack your bags!

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Lettuce Entertain You Opens Its First Wine Bar in Chicago

Check out Lisa Elbert’s tip for a great Chicago wine bar = Bar Ramone is among a new wave of wine bars where the lists are constantly changing, the service is casual yet soigné, and the experience is engaging and fun.

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Bob’s Boboli Margherita Pizza

Bob & I love homemade pizzas. Does it take a bit more work than ordering a pizza? Well of course it does: but, you can control your quantities, calories and create any kind of pizza you prefer with this easy to find Boboli Thin crust pizza base! Here is another pizza choice to enjoy - Bob’s Pimento Cheese Pizza!

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