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Precious Petals Bi-Weekly Tips

Reba Berge shares her first Flower Tips! Stay tuned next week for a Christmas arrangement from Reba, that is sure to keep your Spirited holiday table beckoning your guests to relax and enjoy the view!

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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Bouquet

Please welcome our newest Tastemaker in Residence, Reba Berge!

This Thanksgiving pumpkin bouquet brings a feeling to the table that is both familiar and full of vibrancy that will compliment the feast. It’s easy and you can use any ceramic pumpkin you might already own.

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Outdoor Table Decor/Flowers

Need to decorate your outdoor table with flowers and candlelight as the sun sets during your party? Tiffany Hammond, our newest Tastemaker in Residence, offers up several ways to have a natural mosquito repellent as well as real candle or a battery operated version.

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Red, White and Blue Explosion 

Tiffany Hammond is our newest Tastemaker in Residence. Her Red, White and Blue Explosion can land on your indoor or outdoor tables. This dramatic arrangement is easy to make and will kick off your 4th of July celebrations with a starry splash.

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Head Wreaths

Ardith Beveridge’s make your own head wreath recipe is perfect for brides, bridesmaids, flower girls and prom. Have a party and create your own version; they can also be adapted for chair back or table top decor.

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