Pumpkin Spice Bouquet

by Reba Berge, Tastemaker in Residence

How to Arrange your Pumpkin Spice Bouquet:

Step 1-Gather your Materials

  1. Hardgoods: garden shears or knife, flower preservative, water, ceramic pumpkin vase, 1/2 block oasis,  5 pencil cattails

  2. Focal Flowers: 3 Orange Roses, 1 Mini Green Hydrangea

  3. Secondary Flowers: 1 Purple Statice, 2 Ivory Hypericum Berries, 1 Burgundy Mini Carnation, 1 bronze cushion mum

  4. Foliage: 2 stems Salal

Step 2: Remove any lower leaves to create clean stems on all your flowers

Step 3: Cut Oasis to size and insert it into the ceramic pumpkin. Fill the pumpkin 3/4 full of water, having mixed in the flower preservative until fully dissolved. Insert pumpkin lid into the oasis.

Step 4: Start by inserting your foliage. Cut each stem at a diagonal before insertion.

Step 5: Add in your focal flowers; 3 Roses and 1 Mini Green Hydrangea

Step 6: Add in your secondary flowers Lastly, insert 3 pencil cattails off to one side and 2 off to another.

Step 7: Lightly mist your bouquet with water, grab your pumpkin spice latte and… Enjoy!