Sneak preview of... A Spirited Table Virtual Supper Club

by Cindi SutterChief Communicator & Editor of Spirited Table®

On a new and SUPER exciting note, Spirited Table will launch our own version of a Virtual Supper Club!

I decided a great time to kick this off would be October 11th, which is It’s My Party Day; yes, it does exist.

So I’m asking each of you, between now and then, to please email us your favorite Spirited Table recipe. Just send us the name of your favorite recipe at We will compile them and create our first two suppers’ based on your recommendations.

So here’s a sneak peek at what you can anticipate for October 11th! Like real-life supper clubs, the Tastemakers and I will choose seasonal themes…let’s say Fall. Then we will come up with 4-5 recipes, each reflecting a different “course.” Sometimes one Tastemaker may do a whole supper club event, but I think the easiest and most fun way is for 4 or 5 Tastemakers to each make one recipe, and submit it with a photo. Then I will write a very short description of each Tastemakers contribution to the supper and post it! Voila, we have a Spirited Table Virtual Supper Club party.

My hope is that each of you take this formula and expand it by interacting with friends and family who don’t live close enough for a face-to-face supper! Just because we can’t sit down at the table together, doesn’t mean we can’t virtually be together. We all know that sharing a common meal together is truly priceless! And yes, don’t you fret, we will have wine and beer tips for you to enjoy as well. So join us for our Virtual Super Club launch on October 11th. It’s just one more reason to celebrate, It’s My Party Day!