šŸŽ‰Spirited Table is Six Years Old šŸŽ‚Let's C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!

by Cindi SutterChief Communicator & Editor of Spirited TableĀ®

Sometimes life races past us at a speed that defies logic, and other times it slows down enough for us to hear our own voice, our spiritual compass, and on those rarest of days when we really listen to the voices around us that say, stop and smell the sweetness of today; weā€™re so much better for it.

So today we celebrate our six year anniversary. Those of you whoā€™ve been with us from the very beginning, we are so grateful for your patience, your presence, your positive emails and notes and for just sticking with us! Weā€™ve offered you tables with a view of the past, present and future. We hope weā€™ve provided you with the best possible tips that have enabled you to create unique events and experiences that bridge the generations that gather around your picnic tables, blankets on the beach, bar stools and holiday and seasonal celebrations.

I hope you find inspiration in these posts of the past and present and on the future front: We truly want you to join us for our Virtual Supper Club experiences. Send in some recipes and letā€™s get started!

As we step into the next chapter, please know we could not have done it without YOU! As you can seeā€¦I had a tad of trouble deciding whether a website had a birthday or an anniversary. Guess what I decided? BOTH!!

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