What is better? FOMO vs JOMO

by Sue Zelickson, Tastemaker in Residence

In this new decade of letters for words and meanings, we shorten the length but not the meaning. So when I heard of FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out ) as a description for a habitual way of living my life for the past 84 years, I was astounded to hear there was a name for it. I truly have had a serious case of FOMO all my life. In fact, one of the reasons that this little piece I promised Cindi I would write for her is so tardy, is that I've been way over programmed with things and events that I didn't want to miss. Recently I heard of a follow up to FOMO. Its called JOMO. (Joy Of Missing Out); and it's something that I'm going to try to find a way to include in my life.

The calendar adds both numbers and changes in stamina to my capacity to run around both day and night, doing too much in the 24 hour time frame. Learning to curb my enthusiasm will take some discipline, as my philosophy of life has always been, the more you do, the more you learn and enjoy each day to the max! The joy of living a well rounded life is really “taking time to smell the roses" as the old saying goes. Pacing oneself to lessen the fear of missing out and adding more time outs, might just be the answer to a calmer and easier lifestyle.

Since I’m the editor of this crazy table, I’m going to add a follow up to FOMO. I too am a FOMO dropout. But let’s be very clear. NEVER on God’s green earth have I done more crazy things, had more fun, than with Sue. The decades or calendar as she calls it, has not changed her passion for life, people, new experiences, great food and finding the best new restaurants or hot spots in Minneapolis. So…is FOMO really that bad for us? Is JOMO a better thing? I don’t know, but I can tell you, her schedule makes me look like I’m sitting around. 💋🍍Thanks Miss Sue for including me in your adventures!” - Cindi

Here’s a link you might enjoy too. FOMO vs. JOMO: How to Embrace the Joy of Missing Out.

photo from unsplash

photo from unsplash