Memorial Day Flowers

by Reba Berge, Tastemaker in Residence



1 8” Cobalt Blue Vase

3 Silver Ting-Ting

1 Small American Flag

1 Flower Food Packet

Fresh Flowers

2 Hydrangea (1 white, 1 blue)

3 Red Roses

3 Red Carnations

1 White Larkspur

1 Umbrella Fern

1 White Standard Mum


Step 1

Fill your cobalt blue vase with water and flower food. Cut and place the white hydrangea in the front center. Next, cut and place the blue hydrangea just behind and above the white hydrangea. 

Step 2

Cut and arrange the three red carnations equally across the bouquet, allowing the middle carnation to be the tallest. Cut and arrange the roses, starting with the tallest rose first, in the center, just above the height of the white hydrangea. Next, cut and insert the white larkspur on the left side of the bouquet. Also, insert the white standard mum just below the larkspur.

Step 3

Insert three stems of ting-ting in the center of the bouquet. Cut the umbrella fern into two pieces and arrange on either side of the vase. Lastly, insert the American Flag at a height just above the hydrangea.