Hello Spring 2019!

by Zehorit Heilicher, Tastemaker in Residence  

The beastly snow pile on my lawn is finally shrinking and tender green shoots are peeking through my dormant flower garden, announcing spring's eminent arrival. Every spring I marvel at the resiliency of nature as it shakes off the deathly harsh grip of winter. It is planning time for gardeners and there are plenty of help available. Before making any purchase, I rely on online publications and websites to provide me with guidance in creating my garden's summer appearance. Armed with ideas and information, I then browse the local shops for my favorites. 

Here in Minnesota, planting is done in late May or early June, depending on frost. However, we all need to clear winter's debris, till our soil and feed it, according to our plants needs and our climate. Your local university horticulture department is a great resource for that. (See below)

I love planting an organic container herb garden on my deck, along with some flowers. They add color, fragrance and beauty to al fresco meals and  provide ease of access for cooking and cocktail making. My favorites are mint and lemon verbena, as well as oregano, basil, chives, thyme, sage and Italian parsley. (I avoid cilantro, since it goes to seed so quickly and can be found inexpensively at most farmers markets during the season.)

Plan on putting those herbs in a refreshing iced tea, add some rum, gin or tequila for an adult boozy version and toast your garden success. Click Zehorit’s Herbed Ice Tea.

Online Resources:

University of Minnesota Horticulture Department

Home Depot Garden Center: Tips for garden design, theme choice and trends.

Fine Gardening: Resource for plant guides, garden prep & design and DIY projects.

Better Home and Gardens: Tools for organic gardening, container gardens, design, plant purchase, handling pests and more.


Your favorite neighborhood garden store

Big Box stores: Costco, home depot, Lowe's offer a large variety of plants and gardening supplies in season.