W3 Book Club-“Into the Water” by Paula Hawkins

by Teri E. Popp & Laura Chin, Tastemakers in Residence

People Magazine calls Paula Hawkins’ “Into the Water” a “captivating contemporary whodunit… suspense churns and the plot keeps you guessing.” So, of course, W3 Book Club made this a must read

Told from the perspective of many characters (11 to be exact), Hawkins novel plumbs beneath the water’s surface in this tale of women who drowned—either of their own accord or at the hands of others—in a small, English town located on what is, seemingly, a sleepy, easy-going river.

Our host, Suzanne, wanted to share the essence of this chilling whodunit by featuring some food and drink mentioned in the book, including:

Vodka Screwdrivers (because alcohol features big-time in Hawkins’ novels)

White and Red Wine

France 44 Dip and Crackers

Green Salad with Blue Cheese and Walnut Dressing

Penne Bolognese

French Bread

“Under-the-Water” Themed Chocolate Cake

We look forward to sharing another dive into the reading pool with you next month on the Spirited Table! And, as Paula Hawkins says: “Beware a calm surface—you never know what lies beneath.”