Heart Healthy Comfort Foods

by Christina Meyer-Jax, Tastemaker in Residence

Photo by  andrew welch  on  Unsplash

February is Heart Health Month, which in most people's mind means uber healthy eating with low-fat this, and bland low-sodium that! But the truth is good eating for your heart can also be something that makes it go "pitter patter".

I joined in at KARE 11 this week to discuss the simple diet swaps that make big differences in heart disease prevention. Here are top tips:

  1. Choose healthy fats in moderation. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in plant based oils have been found to support healthy cholesterol levels.

  2. Decrease refined carbohydrates, especially those high in sugar. These dietary components can increase inflammation which is a trigger mechanism for heart disease.

  3. Increase plant based foods (fruits, veggies) and include more plant based proteins (nuts, seeds, beans, lentils). These powerhouses are full of fiber, high on nutrients, and naturally lower in fat which are key components to heart healthy eating.

  4. Spice it up! While moderating sodium intake is important for blood pressure, it doesn't mean food has to be blah! Experiment with spices and herbs and lower sodium condiments to bring the fun factor up.

In the end heart health is about self care and comfort. Check out a couple of recipes that hopefully will bring you the love on these cold winter days ahead.

Here are two Heart Healthy Recipes

Spicy Corn Bread Mini-Muffins

Cozy and Hearty White Bean Soup