It Was Always You Bouquet

by Reba Berge, Tastemaker in Residence

Here is a special design for Valentine’s Day! You can create your own very special version for your Valentine, or send me an email and we can create it for you! -

Valentine Flower Recipe


4 Light Pink Roses

1 Purple Dendrobium Orchid

1 ‘Jasper’ Leucodendron

1 Pink Alstromeria

1 Seeded Eucalyptus

1 Variegated Pitt

½ stem Purple Waxflower

Light Pink Satin Ribbon

22 Guage Hot Pink Wire

1/3 block oasis foam

1 8” Red Vase


  1. Fill your vase ½ full of water, and separately, soak your Oasis floral foam in water. Once it is completely soaked, insert the foam to the top of the vase.

  2. Insert your 4 roses, starting with the tallest rose.

  3. Insert the single dendrobium between the two bottom roses.

  4. Use the leucodendron, pitt, waxflower and eucalyptus to cover the remaining foam.

  5. Insert the Alstromeria in between the middle two roses.

  6. Make a small bow with 3 tails (2 short and 1 long) Insert the bow towards the front of the bouquet and wind the long ribbon tail up through the roses.

  7. Secure the ribbon to each rose stem with the 22 gauge hot pink wire.

  8. Take a step back and enjoy your bouquet! You did it! Happy Valentine’s Day!!