Home decor resolutions for 2019

by Neal Kielar, Tastemaker in Residence

Every new year its the same resolutions: exercise, eat better, make more time for your kids (or yourself or your family or your friends), read more, volunteer and so on and so on. They're all about you. But do you make any resolutions for your home or office or stuff? Here are resolutions you can make - and keep - that will trim down and focus your physical life and maybe make you a little happier.


Let's be honest. So many of us have too much stuff in our homes. And not just too much, but things - loads of things - we don't really care about. Decide what you do love and need, then own up to what you don't like or want anymore. Resolve to get rid of the things that fall on the don't list. If there are others in your household, invite them to participate to maintain harmony and arrive at a shared vision.


Resolve to find ways to get rid your stuff responsibly. There's no need to add to the waste stream if something is perfectly serviceable. Just because you're over it doesn't mean someone else can't love it. Make gifts of jettisoned items, donate them or sell them to stores specializing in secondhand goods.


With the clutter gone (or on its way out), it's time to re-imagine your space. Haste makes waste, so resolve to do it one step at a time. It's a process to style a room just right. Treat it like the adventure that it can be. This is another opportunity to invite others to participate. Family and friends can enjoy the journey - and the outcome - as much as you.

Get the deeper dive by reading the full article here. A final resolution: get to work! It's already weeks into 2019.

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Neal Kielar

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