Kimberley's "Favored Fall Finds"

by Kimberley Thompson, Tastemaker in Residence

When Cindi asked about doing a few of my "Favored Fall Finds," I thought it would be easy. After all, I have been in retail for 44 years. I KNOW how to shop!

But the writing was scattered all over the place when I realized my style is more Magpie than Maven. Shiny bright and in the moment shopping is my MO. So, how could I pare myself down to the barest? And even recommend my favorites if I couldn't locate my favorites in my house?

Closet Cleaning! Or the newest version called "Swedish Death Cleaning!" 

(Goodwill is loving me right now!) After looking around at my INCREDIBLY diminished possessions; I realized I definitely had a DNA to my "Favored Finds."

My fall wardrobe go-to is always an Eskandar cashmere sweater from London. The classic, draped lines float over every pair of trousers, leggings and long skirts in my closet. The cashmere is thick and plush...forgiving of snug seat belts (think no wrinkles!), mercurial fall weather (breathable!) and can go from casual to zippy with a scarf and great bangles! 

I used to order from London; happily, Neiman Marcus carries a lovely selection. 

Scandalously; I even wash mine in the Maytag!

Brahmin bags rule! I own every color except the cream and white (I tend to throw my purses and satchel around in the back of the Jeep a little TOO much to keep cream or white from looking mangy.). The texture hides a multitude of sins: scrapes from the Jeep bumps from me dropping them when my arms are full and just general wear/tear that does in smoothly skinned bags.) The textures always make them going perfectly with fall's heavier fabrics. I adore the play of patterns: the impressed croc print against riotous plaids makes my heart sing!

Fall causes the nesting instinct to kick in as my spare time turns more towards the indoors from the fading summer rays. I seek out regional woodblock art prints to own and to give as gifts (the Holidays are fast approaching!). I naturally am drawn to them for 2 reasons: I made a few very amateurish ones as a child and secondly, I like the look of ink of a creamy natural paper stock. It reminds me of the way cream rises in the bottle to just "sit" on the surface of the milk.

Some of my favorite artists:

Charles Beck from Fergus Falls: Prairie Public Broadcasting did a lovely short about this 90 year old artist. Stunning color!

Lennis Moore, John Schirmer and Kristi Carlson of Iowa all reside either in my home or that of favored friends. Kristi does appealing simple mini size print that has been a perfect purchase for a thank you gift!

Rick Allen of Duluth can be found at A sublimely talented, prints and special editions. I have several on my radar!

Look up regional art fairs, crawls or the American Craft Council shows (more for the serious dollars) to start your journey into collecting wood block art. Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais and Duluth has been a WONDERFUL source  for me. (Plus the add benefit of an escape to Duluth is a HUGE drawing card!)

Enjoy a sampling of my "Favored Fall Finds."

Oh, and by the way, my favorite fall food is roasted pork with apple gravy, herbed smashed potatoes and fresh from my garden carrots! Dessert: topsy turvy apple pie, of course!