News from Loon Organics Farm

by Laura FrerichsTastemaker in Residence

News from the Farm
Welcome to August! How did that happen?! Smiles and pleasantries have abounded on the farm lately as we have soaked up this beautiful stretch of classic summer weather. Not too hot, not too windy, not too humid, fewer mosquitoes, and no rain deluge on our harvest days. We’ve got nothing to complain about! And that’s rare when it comes to the weather. J
The cooler days and nights did bring a noticeable decline in the tomato ripening process along with aftereffects from the June heat waves. When temps soar into the 90’s and nighttime temps are in the 70’s, the plants go into survival mode and often will drop their blossoms (the blossoms that turn into tomatoes of course). We will still have tomatoes for some weeks ahead, no worries there, but have a more moderate quantity for now. Fewer tomatoes allows for a little more room in the CSA box for other things, like sweet corn and melons!
We’re keeping a close eye and ear on those watermelons and muskmelons. They should be ready for picking shortly. We can’t wait! This dry weather has been great for the melon crop—so far those fungal diseases have been kept in check. In another week or two, we should have the first melons in your box!

As mentioned last week, the sweet corn is from Jeffrey Nistler at Nistler Farms near Delano, MN. He is a long-time friend and great farmer. The sweet corn is not sprayed with pesticides, so look out for worms on the tip. Cut the tips off or any worm damage, and then cook or prepare as normal. The worms can be gross, but if the sweet corn you buy never has a worm in it…then it’s probably GMO (genetically modified) sweet corn. That being said, the worms typically get worse later in the season so hopefully you don’t find too many in this batch. We will have sweet corn again next week from Nistler Farms. If you are interested in sweet corn after that, you’ll have to go find Jeff’s stand at the Mill City Farmers Market or one of the several other markets he visits with corn, melons, tomatoes, pumpkins and squash in the summer and fall. Thank you Jeff and crew for all your work!

Stay tuned for recipes from August bounty!