Coors Brewery Tour

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table® 

Every day I’m supremely thankful for the band of merry and very diverse friendships I have in my life. I can honestly say, that one of my friends stands completely unparalleled because guess what, she and her family fled Cuba when Castro took over, so her life story includes the great, the good and the bad. Her family fled to Miami and this free spirit, lovable, kind and endearing person, made the absolute best of her situation. I’ve learned so much from her! 

Every winter my husband and I are fortunate to spend a couple of nights with Miss Viv and her daughter and grandkids in Denver. It is a highlight of our winter getaways. Miss Viv and I always take a day to enjoy some of the treasures you’ll find in Denver. Over the years we’ve hit the Denver Art Museum for some of the best exhibitions I’ve ever seen, and I don’t ever miss a chance to go to a good art museum. We’ve hit the shopping scene, we’ve had fabulous food, drink, shopping at the Union Station in Denver; honestly, in my opinion, it’s a must-see stop if you’re headed to Denver. So as usual, she’s spoiled me in so many ways. 

So…I think you know by now that I like spirits and wines, but my liquor-related passion revolves around beer! Knowing this Miss Viv decided that one of our recent outings included heading to Golden, Colorado, the home of Coors

Another little-known fact about me is that when I was in college and we headed to Colorado to ski during spring breaks, the “take something back to your friends” gift, (we were driving, so a bit simpler), was a 12 pack of what was, and in some camps still is, called Colorado Kool-aid. ie those beautiful little cans of beer had a higher percentage of alcohol, and they were actually so dang cute, partially because of the small size of the can.

So with those memories intact, Miss Viv and I hit the road for a short drive from Denver to visit the Coors brewery. Nirvana for me and my memories. 

So here you go…our trip to the Coors museum and brewery. Just enjoy the fact that at the end of the tour, and included in the ticket price are at least 3 different blends of Coors beer! I’m voting for another trip SOON!