Mimi's Camping Tips

by Mimi Levin, Tastemaker in Residence


One of my very favorite things about growing up in Minnesota is how easy it is to get outside. When I was a little kid, my parents taught me the importance of nature. They showed me how to take care of the environment to help preserve the beauty for future generations. These teachings were amplified on family camping trips; my parents demonstrated in real time what it meant to “leave no trace.”

When I entered high school, camping trips were not “mandatory family events.” Instead, camping became something that I chose to do on my own. In high school I spent my summers at Camp Widjiwagan, immersing myself in the stillness of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, canoeing each day, camping each night. I continue to go on camping trips to this day. 

Not only have these experiences helped me to develop a greater appreciation for the environment, but they also taught me a number of “camping hacks.” Notably, I learned some easy, prepare-ahead camping recipes and, perhaps the most valuable lesson of all, to book your campsite in advance. Here are three of my favorites!

1-Pot Campfire Breakfast - Sweet Potato and Chicken Kabobs - Chicken Fajita Foil Packets