Berries and Flowers, Oh My!

by Tiffany HammondTastemaker in Residence, Please welcome Tiffany Hammond to our Spirited Table Tastemakers!

July is bursting with beautiful berries! Enjoy these luscious fruits as part of your table centerpiece for your next party!


12" Lily bowl or other shallow glass bowl
6" Bubble bowl or other vase to fit inside of first bowl
Assorted fresh berries - I used a mix of Strawberries, Blueberries, and Blackberries
3 Raspberry colored roses
3 Dark Purple Stock
2 Red Gerbera
2 Stems Variegated Pittosporum
2 Stems Salal tips


  1. Fill bubble bowl with water mixed with flower food according to package directions, set in center of a larger bowl.
  2. Set mixed berries in the space between the bowls. 
  3. You can use this as a serving piece if you use an outer bowl that has easy access to the berries!
  4. Cut and place greenery (pittosporum and salal) into vase with the stems crisscrossing.
  5. Group your flowers to give added impact.
  6. Hint: be sure to place Gerberas at different heights to avoid them looking like eyes!
  7. Add larger berries into arrangement using bamboo skewers.
  8. Wow, your guests with your creativity!

Floral Design Notes

I chose to use flowers in the same colors as the berries to continue the theme. Products used in this project can be found at your local floral shop, possibly your own garden, the farmers market, local craft store and the produce section at your favorite grocery store. Be sure to remove the center floral arrangement after the party and store any fresh berries properly.