Green Goddess Design

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


Bottle of Green Goddess dressing
Art glass salad bowl
2 small containers for dressing and to elevate dressing
12  Midollino or long grass
1 bag of salad
1 box strawberries
1 artichoke
2 flowering kale
5 pieces ribbon fern


  1. Use 2 smaller clear bowls to hold the Green Goddess Dressing bottle-one to elevate it and one to place the bottle plus greens, fruit etc. into.
  2. Place the salad greens in the large bowl. Then add the heaviest things first; artichoke, fruit and whatever else you'd like to add. Then add the ribbon fern, flowering kale and/or any other salad ingredients you prefer. 
  3. Add the 12 Midolino or long grass of your choice last. 
  4. Voila, you're very own Green Goddess flower arrangement!