Head Wreaths

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Head wreaths are very popular for brides, flower girls, table decorations, chair back decorations or proms, for all ages; and even for your dog!

Aluminum colored wire
Metallic colored wire
Wire cutters
Thin long ribbon
Cold Glue
Small pieces of eucalyptus foliage or a mixture of any small leaf foliages
Variety of colorful small flowers


  1. Measure the head of each person with a string.
  2. Cut the Aluminum wire an inch longer than the measured string. Fold the ends of the wire to make a small loop. (This is what will connect the finished head wreath).
  3. Begin by laying foliages on the main wire, wrap tightly with metallic wire all the way around to the opposite end. Tie off by wrapping around, making a knot.
  4. Cut stems completely off of the flowers. Put plenty of cold glue on the back of the flower to seal the moisture in the flower, place on the wreath.
  5. Add ribbons.
  6. Spray with Crowning Glory for a longer lasting design, following directions on the bottle. Place it in a sealed bag for storage

Floral Notes

1. You can find Aluminum and Metallic wire at Etsy.com - Michaels and your local florist.