Texas Time & Memories

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table® 

Sites from Galveston

I just spent 12 days in Texas, floating from city to city with my circle of Texas girlfriends. I could go on about where we went, what we ate and drank and the new lifestyle celebrations that will hopefully become a page in our long diary of days together. But right now I'd like to focus on some different ways we enjoyed our time.

"If you read my weekly emails, you have the inside track on these tips."

Two great ideas for your next "girl time" weekends.

Group painting.

  1. Buy some canvas, paints, and brushes at a discount store like Michaels or your local artist store when they're having an online sale. 
  2. Cut the canvas so they are the size of a placemat, then fold the edges and glue them down after you finish. 
  3. It's just that simple!

Clothing Swap.

  1. Clean out your closet and put the "still in fashion but I don't wear them" group into grocery bags.
  2. Girlfriends bring what they have to the weekend get-away.
  3. Style show begins and you would be shocked at the quality of the choices and the laughter that exudes.

Sites from Simonton

My follow up to the above is that the ensuing artwork was better than what you'd think it would be from a bunch of rookies. And I have already worn 4 of the pieces that were part of the clothing swap.

One topic that received more speak time than anything else, were kids and grandkids. One of the things that made us smile the most, is the passionate way couples choose their bundle of joys' name. So on that note, here is your intro to an online destination that provides so many interesting choices and more.  Baby Name Wizard

My last and longest stop included a visit to several of my child/teenage friends in Corpus. This year that included a celebration of the life of a woman who was like my second Mom. Amongst all the craziness of our time together, I had one major request. Each day her daughters and I and whoever was with us took a few minutes to recall their Mom, Barbara Morrison. She never met a stranger. She loved us no matter how idiotic the teenage years and missteps, she let us raid her very fashionable closet, she took us across the Mexican border to shop and eat, she loved to entertain in her home and share her food and her heart with those around her. She embodied so much of what our Spirited Table® is about, I think she would be proud. And I feel fortunate and supremely blessed to have had her in my life since I was 13.

So in her honor, I'm asking you to. Celebrate all of the richness of life. Don't dwell upon the sadness of life. Embrace each moment with an attitude of thanksgiving. Be that light among your friends and family that doesn't overpower or overthink every minute of the day. (I've got a lot of work to do on that last one). Just thank God for the precious moments we share together on this earth. And hopefully, make a difference in the lives of those we touch. 

Shhh...One last thing for you football fans. I graduated from Texas A&M; so I'm a loud and proud Aggie. Ok, picture my last nights' event. I went to a very fun, University of Texas alumn evening with the head football & basketball coaches etc. For you non-Texans, it's like a Viking fan going to a Packers party...not at all PC. My story and I'm sticking to it, is... I now have intel: Deal with it.

Sites from Corpus Christi, city by the sea...