Mother's Day Flower Tips

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

Create a design for mom this year. Take this idea, and make it your own by customizing it to your family and your Moms' favorites. 

Mom’s favorite flowers
One larger vase
Smaller vases-one for each child


  1. Use a larger vase to place in the center. I used larkspur, spray roses and ranunculus and a special orchid in this display to let Mom know how uniquely wonderful she is.
  2. Use smaller vases, one for each child, with one type of flower that is the same as a flower in Mom’s vase. In this example, I used one vase with spray roses, one with larkspur and one with ranunculus; that represents each child as a special part of her life.

Your connection is with her and each other.