May Day Flowers

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


Your favorite glasses or containers or baskets
Pair of garden gloves (and/or other May activities) 
Garden tool
Decorative ribbon
Water tube
Seed Packets
*Optional - a silver Tussie Mussie i.e. holds fresh flowers that can be in a glass or container or hung with ribbon


  1. Choose your favorite wine glasses, water glasses, beer glasses, decorated water glasses or your favorite containers, that match your May theme. 
  2. Take a pair of garden gloves and wrap or tie them with a decorative ribbon around a water tube with a fresh flower. Add candy.
  3. Place seed packets in a glass or may basket, add a flower in a water tube, or any custom item like a garden tool.

*Optional - Silver Tussie Mussie is a holder used as a small fresh bridal bouquet holder to wet with water and place in the metal holder. Here we placed orchids around the outside, and lisianthus in the center with a bow. Choose flowers with the colors, shapes, and fragrances you prefer. (you can find the bridal bouquet holder at Michaels,, or ask your local florist). See photos below. 

Water Tubes for flowers found at