by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table®

When you've adopted a series of words or phrases as your name, tagline, mantra or as I like to do sometimes, you just make up a word and call it yours; you're inclined to lean on it for its special powers.

So it is in this case: CULTURALLY INSPIRED HOSPITALITY® is my newly patented tagline for what happens around our Spirited Table®.

When the official word from my attorney came last week, Cindi, you own it, it's yours and only yours to use as you please. After a smile and celebration, I decided that I truly believe that those 3 little words do have superpowers. 

So for those of you who hit Subscribe in order to receive our weekly email, you know that last week I promised you a surprise if you clicked on the pineapple. Today's surprise sums up CULTURALLY INSPIRED HOSPITALITY® for me, anyway. 

Ironically all three of these words, Culturally - Inspired - Hospitality, are not add-on indulgences, they are essential to my socialization. They allow me to interact and learn from lives that I never lived, but certainly admired, or possibly didn't admire. But at a minimum, it's a complex mental state that involves feelings, beliefs, values, and disposition. 

Culture = Taste, Appreciation, Discernment, Development, Perceptiveness, Growth, Civilization, Refinement, Attitude, Finish. 

Inspired = Sacred, Motivate, Divine 

Hospitality = Kindness, Friendly, Welcoming, Open or Receptive. 

This week let the superpowers in these three words guide you to great celebrations.