Jelly Bean Kid's Party Tips

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence - photos by Cindi Sutter

Kid's choice...with or without extra jelly beans sprinkled all around!

Fresh or Permanent tree branch
Fresh floral foam
Fresh flowers to fit your theme-we used Gerbera daisies
Jelly Beans
Rocks and/or stones or large crystals
Round toothpick
Colorful vase
Strong needle or wood skewers
Favor cups (we used rubber cupcake holders)


  1. Place a fresh or permanent tree branch in fresh floral foam and place in a vase. You can also use fresh flowers, styrofoam for permanent botanicals in the base. Either way, place rocks or something in the bottom for physical weight.
  2. Use U glue dashes or a glue pan or glue gun (see photos below) to glue jelly beans on the branches throughout the tree.
  3. Add colorful flowers like Gerbera daisies to the base with jelly beans.
  4. Insert a half of a round toothpick into a jelly bean, place the other end of the toothpick into the center of the Gerbera Daisy. Place the flower into a colorful vase full of water. 
  5. With a strong large needle and strong thread string jelly beans for bracelets, 6” to 7” depending on the age of the children. Tie up with ribbon. 
  6. Using small skewers, stack jelly beans on one end of the skewer, place the other end in the design at the base of the jelly bean tree.
  7. Decorate with jelly beans in colorful small favor nut cups.
  8. Be creative with the remaining jelly beans, scatter them around the table for color and fun.

*For the photo shoot, we added these props
Cupcake rubber cups
Hula Hoop
Decorative Ball
Multi-colored plastic cups
Multi-colored vases with flowers

Here is the behind the scenes mechanics and preparation

Ready for the Party!