Cindi's St. Patrick's Day Favorites

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table® 

There's one recent St. Patrick's Day post I don't want you to miss. Marty Nopper, a relatively new addition to Spirited Table®, spins an Irish tale with beerology at its core and a Guinness in his hand. Read These Irish Eyes Are Smilin and if you're not smilin at the end, go grab a beer.

Inspiration finds it's way to our St. Patrick's Day table with everything from decadent recipes worthy of a bit of wanderlust, to eye-catching table-tops and flower arrangements, that can become both simple and sublime. For me, it's always about knowing your crowd and embracing easy or extravagant, depending on the group! 

So whether you're looking for a good Irish book or need a green cocktail that satisfies the non-beer group, enjoy this list of tales, tips, and top of the morning ways to begin celebrating St. Patrick's Day, as soon as possible.

Kiss Me, I'm 1/16th Irish - Avocado Margarita - Dreaming of Cabbage - Beer Adventures: Ireland

Kimberley's Quick Reuben for St. Patrick's Day - Irish Guinness Cake

St. Patrick's Day Prayer-The Burn GraceThe Band Of The Royal Irish Regiment-Highland Cathedral

Tabletop tips = Green-Potatoes-Shamrocks - Barb's St. Patty's Day Corner Table