's International Woman's Day

by Zehorit Heilicher, Tastemaker in Residence


If there is anything that women can teach the world, it is how to live in a circle: a circle of family, of friends, of peers and co-workers. A circle is the perfect shape – No outsiders, no one in the corner, all are visible – it is a community. When we discard our insecurities, open to others, live in integrity and exercise empathy - we create communities.

I am grateful for my Israeli Book Club women, who are committed to our monthly discussion of Israeli books, their narrative, and meaning. All of us nine women are Israelis living in the USA. Some of us were born in the Former Soviet Union, some in Israel, some lived in tiny towns, others have always been city dwellers. Some of us have roots in Eastern Europe, while others trace their families to Yemen and Morocco. Despite our diversity of culture, age, profession and even political views, we share an immigrant experience that is unique to the Israeli identity and to the feminine perspective. 

It is a circle of safety, compassion, humor and depth. It is a place to belong, to support and be supported, answering a human need as old as humanity itself. 

We all thrive when we are supported and respected. 

So, I encourage you on this Women’s day to construct your circles, to examine and nourish them and to not take them for granted.   

Your life and our world, hopefully, will be better for it.