Spirited Table’s Top Jelly Bean Flavors

by Cindi SutterFounder & Editor of Spirited Table® - Spirited Table’s Top Jelly Bean Flavors & Maps provided by CandyStore.com

My maternal grandmother absolutely loved jelly beans. Long before President Reagan shared his love of mixing and matching flavors, she was on it! In her case, the type of dish the jelly beans were poured into was based on the holiday or the type of celebration she was hosting. Wood, crystal, plastic, cups and more were sometimes her simple vessels of choice. But once, she surprised us all and used a banana peel. Yes, really. Somehow she dug out the banana, without fully peeling it. And yes, you guessed it, she filled the banana with jelly beans. I don't remember what flavor, but knowing her if they made banana jelly beans way back then, she used them for this birthday party treat. 

And so goes the age-old jelly bean question: do you eat more than one flavor at a time? Or are you that digger in the bowl that's searching for your favorite flavors. Either way, this list, and the map below should help you decide which flavors you will buy for Filling Easter Baskets! Click here for the CandyStore Tips. 


Your State's Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor is Not What You Thought.

Did you know that Americans gobble up more than 16 billion (with a B) jelly beans on Easter? Well, now you do. Since Easter is almost here, and National Jelly Bean Day is coming up on April 22nd, CandyStore.com got curious about which jelly bean flavors people love most.

Click on the interactive map to see the top 3 favorite candies in your area. Is Buttered Popcorn Really Your Favorite Jelly Bean? Survey says, Yes.

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