Irish Flower Arrangement

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

"This flower design can be adapted to your table size by making it either vertical or horizontal." 

Low shallow container or something like the art glass below
Floral foam
Duct Tape
Glue gun
Skewers for potatoes & artichokes
Potatoes 2-4 (based on size of arrangement)
Artichokes 2-4 (based on size of arrangement)
Fresh greens
Fresh Flowers - Bells of Ireland & Alstroemeria or your favorite green & white flowers


  1. Secure wet foam in the container by putting a piece of duct tape in the bottom and securing the foam in the container with hot glue
  2. Clean fresh potatoes and artichokes, then insert a skewer in each and place in the foam
  3. Insert a variety of fresh greens to cover the foam (or greens from your yard)
  4. Place Bells of Ireland for height and add Alstroemeria
  5. Add your favorite green and white flowers around the potatoes making them the focal of the design
  6. Water often