Valentines DIY + Sweet Pizza & Cookies

by Mimi & Vera LevinTastemakers in Residence

Valentine’s day. Some people love it, others prefer that it didn’t exist. I fall somewhere in the middle, but I would never turn down an opportunity to make heart-shaped goodies and give Valentine’s day inspired gifts! If you don’t feel like going all-out, here are some simple, subtler DIY/homemade goodies you can make to celebrate and enjoy the day! 

Jar of Dates (or memories, or things you love about the other person) 


  • One mason jar
  • Craft paper in two different colors. You could also use popsicle sticks and color the tip. 
  • Scissors
  • Pen 


  1. Cut the paper into 1-inch thick strips and set aside. 
  2. Separate the different colored strips of paper – one color will be for “free date ideas” pile, and the other color will be for “not free date ideas.” 
  3. Brainstorm date ideas and write a date idea on each piece of paper (keeping the free dates on one color, the not free dates on the other) 
    1. Free Date Ideas: hike (pick a couple of different places you want to explore, and these can each serve as separate dates), a picnic, free music in the park, tennis, build a snowman, go for a bike ride, drive around and find your dream house, at-home movie night, etc. 
    2. Not Free Date Ideas: painting with a twist, movie night, bowling, brunch, puppy playgroup (for those who have a pup at home), rock climbing, comedy show, etc  
  4. Fold the slips of paper and put them back in the jar
  5. Make a label on the front that show what each color means. 
  6. This involves some time and creativity, but can save you both from having to make a last-minute date decision

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Happy Valentines Day!