Oscar all dressed up in flowers!

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


Oscar Party Table Design

Chocolate Oscar or Gold cut-out Oscars
3 vases-alike or not
Floral foam
24K gold spray (or whatever you have on hand)
Your favorite greens
Gold Onion Grass (or other grasses from your garden or florist)
Candles if desired
Gold rocks, stones, pebbles, marbles, glitter or your choice


  1. Grocery stores like (Lunds if you’re in MN) are selling a Chocolate Oscar. You can place a gold Oscar skewer into the base, or use an Oscar chocolate - to build your design around.              
  2. Place small pieces of wet foam in each vase.
  3. Use three vases that match, or not and add all things, Oscar, to the vase
  4. In order to create gold-tipped roses, spray 24K gold floral spray on a piece of plastic, then gently roll the tip of the petals around in the plastic, to achieve the degree of gold you want.
  5. Add your favorite foliages around the roses, along with Gold Onion grass, inserted in the vase to sass it up
  6. Candles always enhance any table setting.
  7. Use gold rocks, (you can use the same gold spray over any rock), or do this with stones, marbles, glitter, stars sprinkled all across the table
  8. Repetition is very effective on a tablescape to elongate the designed area.